Boombox Radios for Sale: Where to Find Vintage Models

Boombox Radios for Sale: Where to Find Vintage Models

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Are you obsessed with the 80s? Are you a vintage electronics collector? Or do you love the iconic John Cusack scene from Say Anything?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are buying a vintage boombox is on your to-do list. However, at this time, where can you find vintage boombox radios for sale and what are the brands you should consider?

Boombox Radios for Sale: Best Places to Check

Boombox radios have managed to make their way into the 21st century, and up to this day, they put out the best beats. In fact, they have been incredibly influential in the hip-hop scene. Today we have modern boombox radios with features that did not exist two decades ago. So, you will not really get that classical boombox feeling that you would get when you put in a fresh mixtape back in the day.

Nevertheless, if you have a good idea where to look, you can get your hands on a vintage boombox and that too at a reasonable price. To help out, here are some places where you can search for your favorite old-school boombox.

  • eBay

On the web, eBay is hands down when it comes to the best places to look for vintage stuff including electronics. You can shop for a variety of boombox radios both latest and vintage. In fact, the models that made boombox radios so epic back in the day, from General Electric to Sony and Sharp, you can definitely find it on this site.

Nonetheless, even if it is an online store, you still have to put all your searching skills to work to find the best offer. It is also best to have a budget unless you are eyeing a specific model and do not care how much it would cost you.

The good thing is that like most vintage products, you will find many boombox radios open for bids. That can be a little tricky because too little of a bid, and you would probably lose, and with too much of a bid, you will end up paying way more than its actual worth.

  • Etsy

Well, who would have even thought that a website known for selling jewelry and art pieces also has some kickass boomboxes? What is better is that they do not just sell boombox radios, you can also find vintage cassette tapes on Etsy.

  • Amazon

You can find some decent choices of really old-school boomboxes on Amazon. There are not as many choices as you would find on eBay or Etsy, but it is worth a try, especially if you are after a particular model. For example, the Toshiba RT-SX1 from the iconic boombox scene in Say Anything when Lloyd plays Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’ for Diane (in case you did not know).

  • Lasonic Store

Back in the 80s, among the top brands producing these music devices was the Lasonic. This Taiwanese maker made some of the best boomboxes we saw in that decade. Their Ghetto Blasters were iconic, beautiful, and long-lasting.

If you are looking for a Lasonic Vintage Boombox, look no further as you can find many models at their online store. These models can put quite some dent on your wallet as they are priced in hundreds of dollars. Nonetheless, you have the option to bid or buy up front the boombox radios for sale on their site.

While you are at it, you could also check out their modern boomboxes since they are still producing these portable audio devices, now more stylish than ever before.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist does not really enjoy a good reputation, but if you are seriously looking for a vintage boombox and that too for a cheap price, Craigslist might be worth a shot. If you are lucky, you might find one near you which you can see for yourself.

The good thing is you do not really have to pay beforehand, so you only pay once you are sure about the purchase. Nevertheless, you would want to avoid scams that this website is so infamous for.

  • Pawn Shop

Cannot find a good deal or product online? How about your local pawn shop? You might find something of interest over there. Believe it or not, many people are still crazy about these audio players from the 80s. Also, pawn shops usually carry stuff that is actually worth something, so the product in question would definitely be genuine and quality.

Vintage Boombox Brands: Our Recommendations

Since the mid-70s when first boomboxes came out up to this day, particular brands have been dominating the market. In fact, you will find that most vintage boombox radios come from those brands. That said, there were a handful of manufacturers wherein their models really catapulted to success and were seen on every street of every major city in America.

Hence, if you are unsure about which brand to trust, just go through this small list. Each of these brands ensures only the best components in their electronics and that holds true for boomboxes as well.

Here are the most notable boombox brands from the 70s to 80s:

  • Sony
  • Sanyo
  • Toshiba
  • Lasonic
  • Sharp
  • GE

Cassette Tapes for Vintage Boomboxes

Interestingly enough, you might find it harder to look for cassette tapes to play in your vintage boombox since cassettes have almost disappeared today. Good thing though is that you can find them online rather easily or you can ask your dad for some of his cassettes from back in the day!

As a recommendation, instead of splurging on cassette tapes after spending money on the boombox, you can actually make it new by adding an aux input in your old-school cassette-based boombox. You can make it all modern and play all your favorite classic as well as new music.


Boombox radios are still cheaper as compared with modern stereo systems. Plus, they still give the free spirit vibe that made them so popular back in the day when they first came on the music scene. Your vintage boombox is not merely an audio device; it is a collectible that represents something big in the history of hip-hop music.


Hey there, my name is Scott and I am the creator of this site. Being a kid from the 80s, I have a soft spot for boomboxes and want to let everyone know how cool they still are today.

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Allen Mcclary - March 28, 2019

Today’s boomboxes are superior than yesterday’s boomboxes !one problem they are past there prime worn out and can never sound like they were new they are really not for out use because the batteries only last about a hour if you play a cassette ‘ i brought a jvc m 90 on eBay for 2800 dollars and other hi end one very dis appointed because they never sound new because of being so old’ I got smart a have now jbl boomboxes 24 hour battery which is a dream come true a Aiwa ex 9 boombox 20 hour battery a diamondboxx m boomboxx a w king 50 watt 6 speaker small great sound and long battery life “ to me this the golden age of audio because for the first time in history a true hi end hd sound portable boombox with a battery life you can play all day any where without needing a out let free at last! By the vintage boomboxes are like vinyl records the wear out and now the want to charge a ridiculious price for some thing past there prime

Eric Noe - September 23, 2019

I was wanting to know if anyone reading this is an expert on Boomboxes and their prices? I have a rare Rapor mg 345 boombox and was wondering what it is worth

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