How to Connect an iPhone to a Boombox: A Detailed Guide

How to Connect an iPhone to a Boombox: A Detailed Guide

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Gone are those days we used to carry Discmans, Walkmans and MP3 Players. With the advancement of technology, our iPhones, or any other smartphone, have become a portable music player. Yet do you know how to connect an iPhone to a boombox in order to start an instant party anywhere?

While iPhone speakers are great for personal use and to listen to music or watch videos in an absolutely quiet and small confined space, they are a terrible choice of speakers if you want to play it in a room with a bunch of people together.

Hence, knowing the right way to connect your iPhone to your boombox or a portable speaker is an absolute must to ensure your party is not a dud. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered!

How to Connect an iPhone to a Boombox

Connecting your iPhone to a boombox is not the most difficult task at all. Yet, the way you connect it depends on the kind of boombox you own. What do we mean by this? Well, in case you don’t know, there are multiple kinds of boomboxes. Each of them has their own set of features, but the way you connect your device to them is either wirelessly or wired.

The Wired Method

A wired connection may typically include using an auxiliary cable and connection into a 3.5mm jack audio input on the boombox. Some older boomboxes may have two left and right audio inputs too. In such a case, you will need a 3.5mm to two-male RCA adapter cable as a converter.

Using the wired method to connect your iPhone to the boombox could not be simpler. All you need is your auxiliary cable to connect your iPhone to the boombox. If you own any model newer than the iPhone 7, then you will need to use your headphone jack adapter.

The Wireless Method

When it comes to wireless connections, you will need a boombox that has Bluetooth capabilities. Most boomboxes on the market these days, both the high-end and the low-end ones, already come with Bluetooth, so you’re all good.

The wireless method is quite simple too, but could possibly be a bit confusing for those who are not used to using their Bluetooth capabilities on their iPhone. Let’s begin by giving you a step-by-step guide on how to connect your iPhone to your boombox wirelessly.

  • If you are pairing your iPhone to your boombox for the first time, start off by switching on the boombox.
  • This will automatically put the boombox in pairing mode, where it will search for new Bluetooth devices nearby. Typically, on most boomboxes, you will find a Bluetooth status light, which will keep blinking to indicate that it is searching for available Bluetooth devices.
  • At the same time, go to the settings page on your iPhone and click on Bluetooth. Swipe to switch it on, if it is off.
  • Remain on the same page as it will search for new Bluetooth devices and keep your iPhone discoverable to other Bluetooth devices.
  • After a few seconds, you will find the Bluetooth name of the Boombox on your iPhone screen. Select this from the list to pair your iPhone to your boombox.
  • Once it is selected, it will take a couple of seconds to pair with the boombox. Once paired, the lights will stop blinking and turn into a solid color. In most cases, there will also be a tone that your boombox will emit once the pairing is complete.

Now, you can begin listening to your favorite music on your boombox and have an instant party absolutely anytime and anywhere.

Pairing Additional iPhones or iPads to your Boombox

While some only have the ability to pair one iPhone to the boombox at a time, there are actually boomboxes on the market that can pair and save multiple devices and store the data in its memory for faster pairing in the future.

In a case like that, you could connect another iPhone or your iPad to the boombox. This process is quite easy too and consists of the same steps we mentioned earlier. You will again need to power on your boombox, but now, ensure that it isn’t paired to your iPhone. Repeat the same process mentioned above and pair all multiple devices to your boombox.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Boombox over Your Phone’s Speakers

While there are some obvious advantages of using a boombox over your iPhone speakers, there are also a few disadvantages to it. Below we list the advantages and the disadvantages.


  • One of the biggest advantages of using a boombox over iPhone speakers is that you save up on battery life. Using your iPhone speakers to listen to music will drain its battery power quite quickly in comparison to using a boombox, which will typically consume very little power.
  • Another massive advantage of using the boombox is that the volume is significantly louder than that of an iPhone speaker.
  • Since most boomboxes these days work wirelessly, you do not have to fiddle with those cumbersome adapters and cables.
  • Pairing your iPhone to your boombox via Bluetooth is extremely simple, and there is no complicated installation process, such as drivers or installation CDs, that are involved.
  • Boomboxes don’t just work with iPhone but with all devices such as Android devices, tablets, and even laptops that have Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Using a boombox is perfect even when you are outdoors. For instance, when you go out camping.


  • The range on wireless boomboxes can be very limited. Typically, it is no more than 35 feet. Anything beyond that range will have poor to no connectivity.
  • Boomboxes work on batteries. So, no matter how long it can work, the power will always be limited.
  • Aside from that, due to the lack of raw power (wattage), the sound quality gets affected, and it lacks the depth and the richness of the regular speakers.


Using a boombox in place of your iPhone speakers is always a better option. Hence, knowing how to connect an iPhone to a boombox is essential for any music lover. We hope our step-by-step guide and all the information we have provided you with in this article has given you enough insight on this subject.


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