Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox Review

Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox Review

Do you find your boombox a little antiquated? Do you often wish that your boombox has other features aside from the basic FM radio or CD player boombox capacity? Let the old age and the new one collide with each other through a boombox that has Bluetooth capacity. This is very attainable when you have a Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox within your reach.


  • check
    Also an FM stereo
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    CD player
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    Bluetooth capable
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    Color: Silver
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    Item weight: 2.5 lbs.
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    Product dimensions: 6 in x 9.8 in x 7 in


The Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox is a fusion of the old era and the new advanced millennium. Aside from its basic CD player, FM radio, and the boombox features, this particular product has embraced new technological changes by including a Bluetooth feature.

The Jensen Boombox can connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly in order to play a song or an audio recording.

This feature makes the Jensen Boombox compatible with, and can work hand in hand with, other advanced gadgets and music players. This makes it more convenient for users for they can do away with manual playing – like putting the CD into the CD player – should they wish to do so.

In addition, bringing the Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox wherever you go will not be too much of a hassle for the boombox is designed to be portable.

Because it is portable, it makes the Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox the perfect appliance to use not only inside your house but also for outdoor activities. You can go camping, mountain hiking, trekking, and to the beach with this particular boombox at hand.

Another factor that will contribute to the portability of the boombox is its weight. The Jensen boombox is considered lightweight with it weighing only 2.5 lbs.

A lot of boomboxes which are available on the market right now and claim to be portable are actually heavier than this boombox. Also, the carry handle of the Jensen boombox also helps in making the appliance portable and allows for a clear and secured grip.

Not only is the Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox lightweight but it is also small enough that storing it will not occupy too much space. This is another feature that contributes to making the boombox portable. The Jensen boombox is small enough to fit your bag, making it accessible and perfect for mobile use.

The Jensen boombox may be small but it is not wanting when it comes to its sound output. Finally, for the benefits you can reap out of getting yourself a Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox, you will find that this particular boombox comes at a fairly affordable price. This is good news to those who are in need of a good boombox but cannot afford something that is expensive.


The Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox comes at a fairly inexpensive price compared to its competition, however, it is understandable and even expected, that the purchasers are bound to have some issues with the boombox one way or another.

To start with, this particular boombox is not known for its durability. When not handled properly, you might find your purchase not lasting for long.

Also, there are issues with the power button – some have reported that it does not turn on while others have said that the power does not turn off even if pressed for several times. To add, there are also instances that static happens when the boombox is being played using the Bluetooth connection.

Sometimes the static is loud so that it drowns out the music being played by the boombox. It is also to be noted that this boombox is capable of playing FM stations; however, AM stations are not included in the picture.

This could be a drawback for those who are planning to listen to news updates with the device. Finally, the FM antenna of the device looks made out of non-premium materials so that it appears to look flimsy.


The Jensen FM Stereo CD Bluetooth Boombox puts the phrase, “small but mighty” into proper perspective. Admittedly, this particular boombox is smaller compared to its other competition but it can hold its own just well when it comes to performance and output. Although purchasers should be warned of the negative points raised about the product.

Nevertheless, the fact that this boombox is Bluetooth capable makes the product appealing to consumers. For the price you have to pay to purchase a Jensen boombox, you will find this particular sound device a smart purchase.

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