Old School Boombox Bluetooth

Old School Boombox Bluetooth: The New Trend in Wireless Speakers

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You know how they say that never throw anything away because the trend might just come back? Well, that may just be happening with boombox radios. Old school boombox Bluetooth radio is now becoming the hottest trend in wireless speakers. Who knew your dad’s old boombox could suddenly become the coolest speaker ever, right?

How Did Boomboxes Become Unpopular?

Even though boomboxes were an instant success in the 70s and 80s as they made it possible for people to listen to music on the go for the first time, the success faded away with time. After the 90s, the so-called ghetto blasters took a dunk and were gradually becoming obsolete mainly because cassettes had virtually died and were replaced by CDs.

Also, the technology got smarter which meant the same speakers got smaller and smaller. Even with a CD input, boomboxes struggled and were mainly used by hip-hop enthusiasts. Now, no one even uses CDs to play music as this is the age of streaming and many of us play music right off our smartphones.

Why is Old School Boombox Bluetooth Making a Major Comeback?

The term ‘comeback’ is pretty debatable in this context because in some cultures, boomboxes never really became obsolete. Nevertheless, one thing is agreeable, and that is even though there are smaller, more portable options for Bluetooth speakers, boombox speakers are still widely used especially for playing hip-hop beats.

  • Symbolism

Right now, the political climate is pretty charged up, and everything is a statement of what people are thinking. What better way to showcase African-American music heritage than to play the old school boombox that at one point in time represented the urban hip-hop scene, right?

No one can deny that this rectangular box helped hip-hop and rap music become what it is today. If it were not for those men and women who bravely played their music on the streets back in the day, we would not have award categories dedicated especially to this genre of music.

Speaking of rap music, boomboxes are still often shown in music videos. They are a reminder of the past and their representation of the hip-hop music. In fact, they have crossed genres and are now a symbol of electronic music as well. This keeps them fresh in the minds of listeners.

  • Sound Quality

Believe it or not, but a boombox sounds good too. They are essentially portable loudspeakers, and even the cheap ones sound accurate like you can hear all the beats distinctly. However, as mentioned, back in the day, they use to get input from tapes or CDs, and today, people mostly use Bluetooth or aux. Nevertheless, the quality of sound has not changed much.

The same cannot be said about portable Bluetooth speakers, but only the high-end ones from notable brand names sound great. Most cheap speakers can easily sound bad and distorted, especially at high volume levels, which is the whole point of having a portable speaker in the first place. In fact, according to enthusiasts, play any boombox in front of a modern small portable Bluetooth speaker and it will give the latter a serious run for its money.

Take, for instance, the JVC PC-X100 which was released back in 1990 and was a big success. If you play it today, provided you can buy one from those vintage boombox listings, you will find its sound to be incredibly high-quality. It is not a very expensive audio player, but it will sound like those fancy speakers that can easily set you back a grand.

Another reason that contributes to boombox radios sounding so awesome is that their speakers can be taken apart. Bluetooth speakers like those by Beats or JBL are single units and have their stereo speakers very close to each other. That makes them sound like mono, which ultimately affects the quality.

  • Can Be Upgraded

Another great thing about boomboxes is that they are open to so many more possibilities. You can replace their speakers with better ones, and you can add aux input or Bluetooth module. Even though the small Bluetooth speakers have most of these things, you cannot really experiment with them.

Additionally, modern boomboxes are already equipped with Bluetooth, and you can readily use them as a speaker with your phone or tablets connected. In fact, even old boomboxes that lack this technology can be made new. You just have to follow the proper steps and add Bluetooth to the boombox circuitry.

Why Do People Still Prefer Small Bluetooth Speakers?

Now, if you are wondering why one would spend so much money on a small speaker when they can get the same quality from a boombox, there are few reasons as to why they are popular. They are quite modern in terms of technology and their reliability. Their small size is what makes them so popular as a portable audio player.

Boomboxes are somewhat bulky and take space. You cannot really imagine a backpacker lugging a boombox on his travels. But some modern models weigh around two to three pounds.

Also, the ghetto blasters from the 80s are not as widely known as they were in that golden decade. It is sort of a matter of awareness too. Many kids today are perhaps not well acquainted with what a boombox is and what it sounds like. But now that the modern versions are making a dent in the portable audio player market, chances are more people will prefer these in the future.

Old School Boombox Bluetooth: Will this Technology Make Boombox Go More Mainstream?

With top brands producing some amazing boombox radios with all the kinds of modern inputs, it looks like it will. You can still see them on the streets of New York City or Chicago. Also, many of the models are inexpensive, which give them a big advantage over other speakers.

Additionally, with the current cultural revival in the USA, we will not be seeing the end of boombox anytime soon. Maybe we can even dare to assume that they will regain the glory they enjoyed in the 80s and 90s.


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