Thе Sharkk Boombox Bluеtооth Pоrtаblе Wіrеlеѕѕ Speakers Review

The Sharkk Boombox Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speakers Review

For lovers of music, having a portable player blasting your favorite tunes whenever you need it is the height of musical ecstasy. The boombox has been designed to satisfy this need.

Boomboxes are wonderful music players that allow you to maximize the joy of listening to your favorite music with great sound quality, louder volumes and clearer sound details on the go!

This little musical wonder has been around for a year and has been modified with the best new technologies to give you the best out of your favorite music.

There are several companies manufacturing the boombox today and for the first time or even previous users, buying the right boombox with great features that match your musical needs can be very tasking.

For this reason we bring you an objective product review of the Sharkk Boombox Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speakers. This review will provide you all you need to know about this boombox and help you make the right purchase.


  • Great quality sound with a good volume that booms whenever you tap the play button
  • Long play time with up to 18 hours via the rechargeable battery
  • A built-in high definition microphone usable for voice commands and making/receiving calls from mobile devices
  • Built-in sensors that automatically illuminate the buttons for easier settings changes in dark or dim rooms
  • Multiple connection options with Bluetooth, AUX and NFC allow you to connect to different devices


  • Poor waterproof options
  • Potential for the speakers to rattle after a prolonged use which may affect your music playback

The Product

The Sharkk Boombox is manufactured by Sharkk Electronics, a popular consumer electronics manufacturer that has been in the business for a while now. The company is widely known to take good recommendations from their users and savvy electronics critics and implement them in their products.

They are also known to dish out high-end electronics that meet the current technological trends and modern lifestyle of their consumers.

The Sharkk Boombox is a good example of the competence of the company,: a complete music system that has been carefully designed to meet all your musical needs. This product has been widely accepted by boombox critics of today and has claimed many good recommendations.

Key Features

The Sharkk Boombox boats many amazing features, some of the key ones are discussed below:

The Design

The Sharkk Boombox is built with a sleek design to blend into any setting or décor. It is very portable, weighing just 1.8 pounds; this makes it easy for you to move them around your house, office, workshop, or even at a party.

With two 5W loudspeakers, the Sharkk Boombox aims to deliver the best music experience possible. The combined 10W of clean, immersive sound will serve you anywhere you desire to play your favorite tunes.


The Sharkk Boombox is built with the latest Bluetooth technology and near-field communication (NFC), making it very easy and convenient to connect to your mobile device be it a smartphone or tablet.

You can also handle your calls conveniently, enjoying the basic functionalities of your mobile device using Siri or Android Voice with the built-in high definition microphone. Wonderful isn’t it?

Along with NFC and Bluetooth, the Sharkk Boombox also supports AUX, so it’s really easy to stay connected to your mobile device when playing your favorite music.

With Bluetooth connected you will get a voice alert signaling on incoming calls which you can easily accept or reject with one push of the call buttons.

The Sharkk Boombox has also been designed to give you the convenience of hands-free calling using the quality speakers and built-in high definition microphone, and it also allows you to redial and make calls using voice commands.

Ease of Use

You will agree that the problem with many boomboxes is the inability to simplify the various functions for which the buttons are made for. This can be very frustrating as users will unconsciously interrupt their good time by tapping the wrong button.

This problem has been minimized in the Sharkk Boombox as it is equipped with helpful voice prompts to help guide you through the different modes and settings.


Unlike most boomboxes today, the Sharkk Boombox does not come with an LCD display. The buttons are fitted with photo-resistant sensors that automatically illuminate the buttons for you to easily see them at night. This gives you the freedom of toggling between functions, adjusting the volume and even making or accepting phone calls in a dark or dim room.

The boombox comes with a blue and red LED indicator to let you know when it is turned on, charging or is paired with an active Bluetooth device.


The Sharkk Boombox comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 18 hours when it is fully charged. This gives longer playtime for you to enjoy your music even when you are without power or away from an outlet.


The Sharkk Boombox is a great boombox with so many amazing features. However there is still room for improvement and some features are lacking in this boombox.

The product, although portable, is fragile and can be easily damaged if not used carefully. For music lovers looking to get a boombox that will server a few basic functions the Sharkk Boombox will be a good purchase, but if you are looking for more features then you might be disappointed after purchasing this product.


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