Top Five Boombox Brands in 2017

Top Five Boombox Brands in 2017

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When boomboxes first arrived in the market back in the 70s, they were the first choice of the music lovers especially those people who wanted to enjoy music anywhere they go. But with the advent of technology, boomboxes started to become obsolete at the same time when iPods and mp3 players started to penetrate the music market.

In the past few years, things have started to change in favor of boomboxes especially after a couple of singers, including Jay Z, were spotted using products from some of the famous boombox brands. It brought these items back to the limelight.

After seeing the popularity of these items, more and more manufacturers have started to develop boomboxes. Well-developed and more improved boomboxes were again introduced to the people, but with the existence of other devices on the market, it becomes harder for customers to find a good product.

In order to solve this problem, we’ve prepared this guide incorporating the top five boombox brands in 2017. These are all top-rated brands, so you can purchase music equipment from any one of them depending on your personal preference.

Top Five Boombox Brands


This brand needs no introduction. Formerly known as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, this Japanese brand changed its name to Sony in 1958. You might be aware of the fact that it was this manufacturer which designed Japan’s first tape recorder. But do you know that Sony is one of the pioneer manufacturers of boomboxes?

Boomboxes first arrived at the American market back in the mid-70s. At that time, there were only a handful of boombox brands and Sony was one of them.

Boomboxes at that time were basically a mixture of two different music components. One of them was a stereo system, and the other one was portable cassette players. As you could imagine, they were much bigger than the ones you could purchase on the market. However, they were still popular for their superb sound quality.

The modern boomboxes come equipped with a wide range of hi-tech features, and it was Sony that introduced the concept of using CDs in a boombox. In fact, it was this manufacturer who developed the first boombox that could use a CD back in 1986.

It was this particular feature which made this item extremely popular amongst the general public. Sony basically reduced the size of a boombox while providing a lot of hi-tech features.

Afterward, more and more manufacturers started to plunge in the boombox marketplace. But even after all those years, the only brand that continues to enjoy unwavering popularity amongst the music lovers is Sony. So if you want to purchase a high-quality boombox, Sony can be your first choice.


Yet another Japanese manufacturer in this list, Hitachi is considered to be a pioneer in the field of boomboxes. Many people think of it as the first ever manufacturer who developed a boombox in the late-1960s. Even though some might disagree with this information, one thing which is crystal clear is that Hitachi introduced their first ever boombox back in 1968.

It was named as KS-1700H, a product that set a benchmark for the upcoming boomboxes. The notable feature of that boombox was the inclusion of AM and FM radio. It also had a handle which allowed people to carry it pretty easily from one place to the other. And finally, it had a couple of detachable speakers for the utmost convenience of music lovers.

After five decades of producing their first boombox, Hitachi remains one of the famous boombox brands on the market today.


As compared to the aforementioned brands, iHome is a newcomer in the field of boomboxes. While both Hitachi and Sony entered the boombox market back in the mid of 20th century, iHome only penetrated the market in 2005. Even though their parent company SDI Technologies has been manufacturing electronic products for six decades, iHome is still just more than a decade old.

But just because iHome is a neophyte does not mean they are falling behind the competition. In fact, their products are excellent in terms of style, performance, and affordability. Featuring hi-fi Bluetooth technology, the boomboxes of iHome are famous for their durable construction along with decent sound quality. You can charge them via regular power outlets, or you can also purchase a battery-operated device from this particular manufacturer.


Just like iHome, Logitech is another newbie in the field of boomboxes. It was founded back in 1981, but it was only a few years ago when this company introduced its first-ever boombox. Logitech is widely appreciated for their wide range of computer and mobile accessories.

The quality of their boomboxes is second to none. They are generally famous for their Bluetooth connectivity as you can connect them with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, from a long distance away. In addition, all these products are pretty easy to operate, and you can even connect them to your USB flash drives.


TDK is an ideal brand for all those audiophiles who want to purchase a modern boombox with a retro design. A famous Japanese company, TDK discovered an interesting trend amongst their customer base in 2009. They observed that people were getting tired of mp3 players and a vast majority of music lovers wanted to use something unique.

Paying heed to such kind of demands, the manufacturer started to produce a modern boombox with an old-fashioned design. TDK opted for a USB input in place of mp3 CD player.

At that time, different manufacturers were giving all types of names to this device. But in an impressive move, this brand decided to name its product boombox. There was nothing unusual in it, and the music lovers absolutely loved it.

Nowadays, a majority of the boomboxes that come from TDK incorporate two different speakers. Depending on your choice, you can also purchase the other models with three speakers.


There is no shortage of boombox brands in today’s music market. But if you want to make the most out of your purchase, you should prefer any one of the aforementioned manufacturers. All five of them, with the exception of iHome, have a rich history. But regardless of its background and experience, iHome is still the top-rated boombox brand for us.


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