Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player Review

Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player Review

Looking for an audio appliance that can create loud and clear sound, especially when you are outdoors? Searching for a portable device that can act as a player, radio, and speaker all at the same time? Well, you are in for a treat with the Tyler Boombox.

The name may feel like antiquated but the functions it can perform are far from being extinct. Play your CDs and tapes anywhere and anytime with the Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player.


  • check
    CD/ CD-R/ CDR-W top load player
  • check
    With repeat or shuffle feature & programmable memory
  • check
    2 x 3 W RMS stereo speakers
  • check
    AM/ FM dual band stereo receiver
  • check
    Stereo with telescoping antenna
  • check
    USB, AUX and SD card compatibility
  • check
    Connectible to MP3, iPod, and other audio devices
  • check
    120V AC power
  • check
    C batteries allowable
  • check
    Item weight: 2.8 lbs.
  • check
    Product dimensions: 16.2 in x 9.5 in x 13.2 in


One of the benefits of having the Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player is its CD player which is programmable and has a repeat and shuffle function – which other boomboxes do not often have. With this product, you can choose to have a random playing of your playlist.

Furthermore, if you are out of CDs or tapes to play or when you do not feel like listening to the radio – either FM or AM stations – you can easily connect this device to your iPod, MP3 player or another external music device for a change. This is made possible by the boombox’s AUX function.

You also have the option to choose to use an external drive or another storage device to connect it to the appliance. This is allowed by the USB port of the device. Moreover, when you have only an SD card to play, the Tyler Boombox also has a slot for it, making the device quite the universal type.

In addition, the Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player also has radio functions and a telescoping antenna to look for FM and AM receptions. This is advantageous especially when you are outdoors. You can easily look for a radio station for the latest music or the recent news should you feel like doing it. And like in any audio player, the quality of the audio output is the most important.

When it comes to the Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player, the output is at par with other expensive Boomboxes. The stereo speakers incorporated in the appliance are high performing – which creates 2x3W RMS.

Finally, the Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player is a good outdoor device. Besides the fact that this particular boombox is portable and is made of lightweight materials– with it weighing only for 2.8 lbs. – the power source of the appliance is worth noting. When you are indoors, you can easily play the device by plugging it into an electric outlet.

However, outdoors is a different story for electric outlets are not always available and within reach. This is where the battery operation of the Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player works its way. When there is no electric power in sight, especially when you are removed from civilization or enjoying nature, you can still have background music with a battery operated Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player.

It is also for the benefit of the customers and for their full satisfaction that a one year warranty accompanies the purchase of this particular Boombox. It also does not hurt that this device can be bought at a reasonably affordable price.


The Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player may have lots of advantageous features but it also has issues that should be noted well by each and every buyer before closing on the deal. The first issue raised was with the control buttons – some feedback stated that the buttons are too tiny and the labels are too small.

The second issue is something to do with the SD card slot. Some reports have said that although the USB port is functioning well, the same does not hold true for the SD card – the SD card cannot be read. The third issue hinges on the CD player.

There is quite a number of feedback that there are instances that the CD player just skips while playing. Although this is not a usual occurrence, would-be purchasers should be made aware of the possibility of its occurrence nonetheless.


When the Tyler MP3 CD Boombox Player is weighed in its entirety, it cannot be denied that going for this specific Boombox is a good choice. When you are on a tight budget but you need a boombox, this product is more than just a decent purchase.

There were issues raised with the product but those cannot negate the fact that this boombox can still do its job well enough. You get your money’s worth with this product.

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