What is a Good Boombox

What is a Good Boombox

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When the word boombox is being mentioned, most of the people, if not all, will think of the eighties era. True enough, the boombox made its first appearance and danced its way to the limelight during the mid-1970s to early 1980s – being a staple device in the music arena.

There are even some iconic videos where dancers can be seen showing their moves while carrying a boombox on their shoulders.

Some videos would show a boombox in the background with a dancer doing a hip-hop or break dance. One would think that with the arrival of the new millennium and the creation of digital and high tech speakers, the species of what was once famous would be on its way to extinction; but not quite. Boomboxes are still in the market right now.

Boombox: The Basics

The boombox is the popular name used for a portable transistorized FM/ AM radio and cassette tape player or recorder that has loudspeakers and amplifier. The entire sound appliance can be taken from one place to another with the help of its carrying handle.

It can play music from radio stations and at the same time play recorded audios saved in CDs or cassette tapes, normally at a very high volume – hence, the name “boombox”. It also has the capacity to make recordings on cassette tapes and CDs.

The boombox has been a preferred audio sound system for outdoor activities. This is due to the fact that a boombox can be really loud – what with its one or two loudspeakers. This is an advantage when you have to cover an open and wide space.

The boombox is also preferred for its portability – it has a carrying handle that gives you a good grip when on the move and it can be powered with the use of either batteries or an electric line.  Hence, one could not consider the boombox as outdated just yet.

What is a Good Boombox?

When you check the market today, you will still find quite a number of boombox brands and models to choose from. If you are planning to buy one for yourself or for your loved ones, how do you know if the one you chose is good enough? Better yet, the question to ask is: What is a good boombox? The following are the qualities that make a good boombox.

Good sound quality

Although one cannot expect a boombox to produce an audio output with the same quality as that of theater speakers, a good boombox is one which can produce a loud, yet undistorted, rich sound. Boomboxes that use bass-boosting technology and a greater number of watts are the ones which give off high-quality sounds.

Long Battery Life

A boombox is typically powered by an electric line or batteries. The appliance usually comes with an AC adapter so that it can be attached to a wall outlet when available. However, when you are planning to go mobile you should look for a boombox that has a long power life. A good boombox is one which can last for hours using its battery power alone.


A boombox is usually preferred because of its portability. Therefore, the lighter the weight of the boombox, the better it is. A good boombox is one that is lightweight enough so that carrying it around with you will not be too much of a burden.


Because the boombox is often the choice when it comes to outdoor playing of music or recordings, a good boombox is one that should be able to endure roughing up that comes with the territory of being outdoors. It should be able to withstand the effects of being mobile and being placed on rough surfaces.

Additional technological features

Because of the advancement of technology, a good boombox should also go with the changes. iPod or MP3 compatibility, satellite ready tuners and a capacity to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices are just some of the more advanced and wanted features that come with the boombox. A good boombox should not only be a performer – it should also be updated with new technologies.


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